Star Wars: The Old Republic screenshots blast starships, levitate goons, face off with Grand Moff

Star Wars The Old Republic - can't punch me from up there can you

Bioware has ejected seven new Old Republic screenshots in a special escape pod, which landed on PC Gamer's Tatooine outpost earlier. Many Bothans died retrieving this new intel, to the extent that we're finally starting to run out of Bothans, but it's worth it. These new screenshots could perhaps lead us on a great adventure, in which one screenshot turns out to be our evil father, but he's actually good. And then someone will make some prequel screenshots which will RUIN EVERYTHING. The screenshots show droid combat, a starship being pounded by a planet-side artillery facility and a lizard with a spear wondering how he ended up in the future, and how he's supposed to fight lasers with a stick. Use the Force, lizard man!