Star Wars: The Old Republic now free to play up to level 15

A free trial for Star Wars: The Old Republic is now available, letting players explore the universe as any class for as long as they like up to level 15. That'll give you a chance to see the starting world, and a little bit of your faction's capital planet. You'll also be able to jump into PvP Warzones and Flashpoints (TOR's equivalent of dungeons. In space).

"Players who have previously participated in one of the Weekend Pass Free Trials or the Friends of Star Wars: The Old Republic Trial are also eligible to join this new free trial!" say Bioware in a post on the official TOR site . You can dive in via this TOR trial sign up page and learn more about the demo in the free trial FAQ .

This is a bit of a step up from the regular free trial weekends we've seen popping up for TOR over the course of the year. Dipping subs and layoffs at Bioware Austin suggest that TOR is treading water. This free trial could encourage players to jump in, but a disturbance in the Force suggests that a move to free-to-play is at least being contemplated somewhere deep inside EA's Deathstar.

"Ultimately some day we can move in and embrace that model. It's all a matter of timing and thinking things through,” said EA boss Frank Gibeau of the idea. But as TOR game director James Ohlen has pointed out, moving from a subscription to a free to play model isn't an easy move to make .

Will you be downloading the trial client? What do you think of TOR's chances in the coming year?

Tom Senior

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