Star Wars: The Old Republic is out today, our review is coming soon. How are you getting on?

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away (Canada), Bioware announced that they were working on Star Wars: The Old Republic. It's been years in the making. Millions of dollars have been spent on its production. Millions of hours have been played by beta testers. Today, it's finally ready to launch.

Our review won't be up today, but it will be here soon. We want to see as much as we can of the hundreds and hundreds of hours The Old Republic has to offer before delivering a verdict. In the meantime, check out our Old Republic hands on for some early thoughts. You can hear Tyler, Chris, Lucas, and Greg's impressions on the latest PC Gamer US podcast . We'll be putting up our TOR guide soon as well, with lots of useful advice for anyone logging for the first time.

Those who pre-ordered will have likely used the early access period to sink plenty of hours in, and everyone else is set to jump in as the servers open up. We've been levelling furiously, fitting flashpoints into lunch times and building our guilds. If you're based in the US, you can join The Coconut Monkeys on The Crucible Pits server. Europeans can join The Mint Imperials on the Sith side, or the Revel Alliance , both based on the Nightmare Lands server.

Coconut Monkeys and Mint Imperials are brushing against the 500 member cap at the moment, but there should be lots of room in the Revel Alliance. If you're playing, be sure to swing by the TOR section of our forums and say hello. You can join the folks there in congratulating guild member Ezekiel , who hit the level 50 cap last night.

Now all that's left to do is jump in and play. We'd love to hear how your're getting on. Have you gone Republic or Empire? What class have you chosen? How you enjoying it so far? Let us know. For the sake of those of us who are still lingering at low levels, please avoid posting spoilers.

Tom Senior

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