Star Wars: The Old Republic European beta testing delayed

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Star Wars The Old Republic

Beta key holders in Europe will have to wait just a little longer to get access to the Star Wars: The Old Republic beta. In a forum post spotted on Eurogamer , community manager Chris Collins explains that beta invites have been delayed because of the imminent release of a major update to the game client.

"There's a new build of the game on the horizon. This is a major build, meaning there will be character wipes and a new client to download," writes Collins. "There's every chance that later this week, the service will go offline and this new version will be rolled out, meaning everyone currently in Testing will have to not only download the entire client again (another 27GB download), but will also have their characters erased and have to start afresh. This is a relatively large amount to download in such a short space of time and not an experience we want new testers to be exposed to."

Beta invites are really, definitely on the way through, Collins promises. "You have my word that this batch of invites will happen, it may just mean you just have to wait a little longer." The new beta build will feature French and German localisation, too. As a result, Collins says Bioware are "keen to get a lot of feedback from European testers in particular."

Star Wars: The Old Republic is angling for release late this year. For more, check out the recently released developer walkthrough of the first part of the high level Eternity Vault raid .

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