Ascend from padawan to master with these Jedi: Fallen Order lightsaber upgrades

jedi fallen order lightsaber parts
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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order's lightsaber parts come in various shapes and sizes, and they're hidden throughout the labyrinthine planets you visit. Along with all the combat possibilities available through upgrades—such as the Jedi: Fallen Order dual-bladed lightsaber—you can also personalize your own. In certain key points in the map, mainly on white chests and tables, Cal is able to mix and match different sets of materials to help you craft your dream sci-fi sword.

Lightsabers can be customized in five different ways: colors, switches, sleeves, materials, and emitters. We have a list of all the Jedi: Fallen Order lightsaber colors in a separate guide, by the way. You can make these changes at workbenches: these are found on most planets in the game, but you can always rely on the one on your hub ship, The Mantis. Anyway, here are all the unlockable lightsaber parts in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and how you get them.

All Jedi: Fallen Order lightsaber parts and customization options

Just a quick note: I'm still digging my way through the multifarious collectibles found in Respawn's new Star Wars game, so this list is as yet incomplete. However I'm beavering my way through imperial territory to finish the list, so stay tuned for all the latest updates. Here are all the lightsaber parts by type:


  • Jaro Tapa: Available from the beginning.
  • Peace and Justice: In Kashyyyk’s Shadowlands, after using the vine to get to a wall to climb that immediately attacks you with three red flowers, get to the top and dive into the small lake there. You’ll find a chest on the left side while underwater.
  • Power and Control: In Dathomir, once you’re exploring the Swamp of Sacrifice and come across a massive tree from where Undead Nightsisters come to attack you, you’ll find a chest waiting for you to finish the fight.
  • Duty and Resolve: In Zeffo, after fighting against the four stormtroopers, go around the left side to find a short upwards pathway to a chest.
  • Eno Cordova: Found in a chest located in the area right after Cal receives healing from BD-1 for the first time in Bogano.


  • Jaro Tapal: Available from the beginning.
  • Peace and Justice: Found in the lake of Kyyyalstaad Basin before entering Gloomroot Hollow. Dive underwater and look for it close to the northern side.
  • Peace and Justice II: Right after obtaining the Underwater Breather, jump to the late and go to the right side. Submerge and you will see a chest behind an underwater cave of sorts.
  • Valor and Wisdom II: After unlocking the wall running in the Subterranean Refuge, exit and head towards the Vault area. There’s a chest right near a zipline right before the elevator.
  • Passion and Strength: After freeing the Wookies in Kashyyyk, go right across to the other side and keep making your way until finding the Overgrown Pass area. There’s a chest that requires the Scomp Link, which holds this Switch for your lightsaber.
  • Power and Control II: Once you’re exploring the Swamp of Sacrifice in Dathomir, a path will open to the right, east of where the massive circle area is found while looking at the map. The chest will become visible before jumping in.
  • Duty and Resolve: Found in Zeffo, inside a chest in the Auger Pulverizers as soon as you exit the underground area and fight against the trooper commander.
  • Duty and Resolve II: In the Weathered Monument of Zeffo, look for a small door that has a terminal waiting for BD-1 to slice it. Once inside, make sure to open up that chest before moving on. Keep in mind that you’re going to need the Scomp Link upgrade.
  • Magus: Inside the Brother’s Bastion of Dathomir, once you fall from the ledge to a room with a Nightbrother and a Spider, look on the left side for a chest containing this new Switch.


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  • Jaro Tapal: Available from the beginning.
  • Peace and Justice: In the Chieftain’s Canopy BD-1 lets you know about a workshop table right on the main path.
  • Valor and Wisdom: Once you enter the Shadowlands, you’ll come across a section with a lot of troopers. Once you’re done with them, go to the opposite direction of the waterfall to find a new chest.
  • Valor and Wisdom II: Found on the top of the structure right in front of the giant enemy in Bogano.
  • Passion and Strength: In the Kyyyalstaad Falls, after using the elevator to go down, open up the chest to unveil the Sleeve.
  • Elemental Nature II: Found in the Weathered Monument area, right behind a tall rock, overlooking the massive ship. The chest is just a quick climb away.
  • Duty and Resolve: Located in Zeffo’s Abandoned Village. The chest is overlooking the main area.
  • Duty and Resolve II: In the Windswept Ruins of Zeffo, there’s a chest in the first area, located inside a short cave that is right past a destroyed pillar serving as a bridge.
  • Eno Cordova: Found in the Abandoned Workshop in Bogano. To access, use the Push ability in the Great Divide to create a bridge. Inside the new area, make your way up and use the Scomp Link ability to open a door to the workshop. Approach the table and you’ll unlock the double lightsaber along with the sleeve.
  • Magus: In Brother’s Bastion on Dathomir, once you unlock the big door as a pathway and continue your way through the map, make a detour to the left until you reach a workshop table.


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Alloy Metal: Available from the beginning.

Matte: In the Imperial Refinery of Kashyyyk, once you meet the troopers using flame throwers for the first time, go around and let DB-1 open up a door (which requires the Stomp Link). The chest is just inside.

Copper: In Zeffo, once you enter the Turbine Facility and you’re done walking through the first pipe, jump to the bridge and go backwards. Jump and you’ll get the Copper material in the chest before continuing on the main path. If you find the light switch, you missed it.

Durasteel: In the Auger Pulverizers of Zeffo, you’ll come to a section in which there are massive machines going back and forth. Jump on the first two by supporting yourself with the force to stop them from moving and get inside the cave. You’ll find them again, but before making a run for it, wait for the first one to get back to its place. Run to the hole in the middle and you’ll see the chest there.

Doonium: In Kashyyyk’s Imperial Refinery, you’ll come across a section where troopers are fighting against the big spiders. Finish them all off and look for a chest on the ground level, near the massive roots.

Duralium: Found in the Origin Lake of Kashyyyk. If you take the Save Point as reference, head north from there until you see a narrow path with one of those massive bouncing flowers in between. Submerge with your new underwater breather to find the chest.

Osmiridium: Once you exit from the first tomb and air vents become available at the Windswept Ruins, fly your way to the left side twice, and you’ll find yourself facing a chest. 13- Durite: In Zeffo, once you’ve gained the Push ability, head to the Abandoned Village. Get across all the way north, create the bridge using the force, and jump to get a new chest.

Cerakote: Found in the Ice Caves of Zeffo, right after fighting the Trooper Commander and the dual-wielding purge enemy. The chest on the left carries a new material for your lightsaber. 

Slivian Iron: After obtaining the push ability, go backwards and to the right to find a previously inaccessible pathway. Put your new Jedi skill to the test and, at one point, you’ll be able to use a stone to reach a cliff. There’s your chest, along with a Force Echo.

Haysian Smelt: In Zeffo’s Tomb of Miktrull, once you have gained the Pull ability and inevitably go back to the main room where the massive bell is being guarded, get across and follow the circled path. You’ll see a lone trooper on a corner, and once you’re done with them, tear down the wall nearby and open up the chest.

Crodium: In Kashyyyk, once you get into Kyyyalstaad Basin after using the zipline from the destroyed Wookie house, go all the way across the river to find another chest waiting for you.

Arcetron: Found in the Ice Caves of Zeffo, after you fight the Trooper Commander and the heavy assault trooper. There’s a chest that requires the Scomp Link upgrade to open.

Lamina Steel: Once you’ve gained both the push and pull abilities for Cal, go back to Bogano and head east. You’ll find yourself in the Bodgo Sinkholes, and now feel free to use the vine on front to get to the other side. It’s the top of the Abandoned Workshop, and there’s a chest waiting for you there (which requires the stomp link.)

Bronzium: After escaping from the Ninth Sister’s ship and watching it crash, you’ll find yourself on a lake with the goal of finding the Origin Tree. Submerge yourself and, before continuing with the story, don’t miss the chest that is right before the main pathway underwater.