Star Wars: Battlefront will not use Battlelog after all

Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront Assistant Producer Jesper Nielsen has confirmed that, in spite of what you may have heard elsewhere, the game will not make use of the multiplayer portal Battlelog.

The initial claim seems to have come from Game Rant, which said back in February that Star Wars: Battlefront would incorporate Battlelog. It sounded reasonable: Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, and even Medal of Honor: Warfighter employ it for their multiplayer functionality, and Star Wars: Battlefront is most definitely a multiplayer-focused game. But Nielsen's response on NeoGAF was unequivocal.

"That article is based on the fact that the Uprise website mentions that Uprise is working on Star Wars Battlefront. While Uprise has been doing Battlelog, does that automatically mean that we will do Battlelog for Star Wars Battlefront?" he wrote. "No, it won't. That can only be an assumption, and I can tell you, no, there won't be Battlelog for Star Wars Battlefront."

As for what it will use, a DICE rep said on Reddit that the system "is built from scratch," and that there will be "no browser game launching." Beyond that, however, he said only that "all will be revealed in due time." Cue dramatic music!

Andy Chalk

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