Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta extended, ends today

After spending the weekend Strike mode-deep its bounds, Omri since gathered his thoughts on the good and bad of the Star Wars: Battlefront 2 beta. If you enjoyed yourself, or perhaps didn't get round to it, EA has extended it till later today. 

Initially scheduled to wrap up on Monday, players can now access the beta via Origin from now through 9am PST/5pm BST later today—so act fast if you still plan on getting involved.  

In his overview, Omri covers what he loved—the aforementioned Srike mode, among other things—and what he didn't like as much—loot boxes, for example. I'm yet to sample the beta myself, however one thing I do find particularly interesting is the game's auto squads. 

Here's Omri on that:

Gone is the DICE mainstay of squad spawn. Instead, a ticking respawn timer automatically slots you into the next wave of five players, urging with on-screen messages to stick together and work as a team before plopping you into the map at preset entrance points. I can’t say I lament the loss of spawn-on-squad; though a good way to stick with friends, it worked against the concept of established frontlines with the ability to zap into existence nearly anywhere on the map. 

The spawns in the SWBF2 beta were a little too conservative—Theed kicked you nearly halfway down the street at times—but I believe this system does a better job at pointing players to the objective and conveying a 'reinforcement wave' theme to re-entering the field. I’m curious how this will play out on other map styles at release.

Again, the Star Wars: Battlefront 2 beta is live now through 9am PST/5pm BST later today.