Star Wars 1313 developer diary delves into the criminal underworld, sets it on fire

A new development diary has been released for Star Wars 1313, revealing more of the bleak underworld players will inhabit in this intriguing expansion of the Star Wars universe.

The trailer contains a generous helping of concept art and game footage, while the developers explain that Star Wars 1313's characters will inhabit a moral grey area that contrasts with the clearer black and white morality we're used to seeing from Star Wars. Based on what's been shown of Star Wars 1313 so far, that grey area is full of lasers. Catch a glimpse of those action sequences in the latest footage below.

As previously mentioned, Star Wars 1313 won't feature many jedi and is aiming to be more grounded than previous Star Wars games. You can see more of this approach in the Star Wars 1313 gameplay trailer .