Star Trek: Resurgence is now set to arrive in May

Star Trek: Resurgence screen
(Image credit: Dramatic Labs)

Star Trek: Resurgence looked like the real deal when we checked it out in March 2022: It's "the first Trek anything to capture the spirit of the '90s shows in a long, long time," senior editor Wes Fenlon declared. Sadly, six months later it was delayed from its planned release in 2022 to April 2023.

With April 2023 now in its final throes, I come to you with good news and bad news. The bad news is, it won't be out this month. The good news is, it will (barring unforeseen and extremely last-minute delays) be out next month.

(Image credit: Twitter (Dramatic Labs))

"Star Trek: Resurgence arrives on May 23, 2023!" Star Trek: Resurgence developer Dramatic Labs tweeted. "Prepare to make your mark on the galaxy in our interactive narrative adventure game — where you’re at the heart of an original Star Trek story, and the fate of your crew comes down to your choices!"

Dramatic Labs was founded by former members of Telltale Games, and it shows. A 2022 gameplay trailer showcased long conversations, pensive glances between NPCs, dramatic camera angles, timed dialog choices, and a couple of implied "he'll remember that" moments. 

Based on what we've seen so far, the team also understands what makes Star Trek tick: Our Resurgence preview session was brief but featured copious technobabble, warring aliens—none of them as advanced as the Federation, of course—and a diplomatic crisis than can only be handled by a career military officer. To my eyes, yeah, that's very Star Trek.

Right after announcing the launch date, Dramatic Labs posted a cryptic tweet about May 23 being familiar somehow. I initially assumed that it was a reference to some big moment in Star Trek lore, but nothing came up. Then I learned that in March, the studio apparently announced a May 23 release date by mistake.

(Image credit: Twitter (Dramatic Labs))

Except, of course, it is coming on May 23. Well, that sort of thing happens sometimes.

Star Trek: Resurgence for PC will be available exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

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