Star Trek Online reunites the Voyager crew for Delta Rising expansion

I guess the first order of business should be to establish that Star Trek Online is in fact still online. It's been awhile since we last talked about it— May 2013 , actually—but the Star Trek-based MMO is still boldly going, albeit to where no one seems to notice. Today, however, Arc Games announced some pretty big news: It's getting the band back together.

"The band," unfortunately, is not Kirk and Spock, or Picard and Data, or even Worf and Wesley. It's Seven of Nine, Neelix, the Doctor, Harry Kim and Tuvok, who you may or may not recognize as supporting members of the Star Trek: Voyager cast. A minor disappointment, perhaps, but also to be expected, since the Star Trek Online: Delta Rising expansion takes place 32 years after the events of that show.

The in-game characters will be voiced by the actors who originally portrayed them—Jeri Ryan, Ethan Phillips, Robert Picardo, Garrett Wang and Tim Russ—although how they'll be integrated into the action hasn't been revealed. The announcement says only that the Delta Quadrant is now "easily accessible" through an Iconian gateway, and that players will "fight alongside legendary crew members of U.S.S. Voyager to investigate an unknown enemy presence."

It's fun, in a nerdy way, to note that everyone in the "group photo" looks more or less the same as they did in the television show except for poor Harry, the lone human in the bunch. I might also venture the opinion that he's the least interesting character among them too, but let's be honest, none of these guys are exactly Scotty or Bones. Arc says a more in-depth look at the expansion is on the way.

Andy Chalk

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