Star Trek Online: House Shattered continues the Year of Klingon

Star Trek Online offers some major fantasy fulfilment for those of us who'll never quite get over being born in the wrong timeline to join Starfleet. Now nearing the close of its tenth year, the officially licensed MMO has just received a significant new update.

House Shattered, the game's twenty-first season continues Season 20's 'House Divided storyline and the wider Klingon Civil War story arc that in turn is all part of the 'Year of Klingon', which aims to overhaul and improve the klingon-themed content in the game. The latest update includes a new mission, Partisans, which sees players on the run after being accused of a crime they didn't commit and desperate to clear their name. If delicate political machinations with a hefty dose of cloak-and-dagger intrigue in space is your sort of thing, this is definitely one to check out.

Fans of the various Star Trek television series may recognise some familiar voices in the update. Star Trek: Discovery's Rekha Sharma voices Captain Adet'pa (having previously reprised her TV role as Ellen Landry for the game's Rise of Discovery update), while Robert O'Reilly (The Next Generation's Chancellor Gowron) plays General Aakar—just try not to fixate too much on the fact that they're both playing totally different characters here than they do on TV. Meanwhile, Deep Space Nine's J. G. Hertzler actually does reprise his TV role as General Martok for the game.

The update also introduces a new operation, Synth Wave, inspired by the android revolution and invasion of Mars seen recently on TV's Star Trek: Picard. There's also a new upgrade system that will let players add a new device, console, and trait slots to their T-5U T-6 ships. And speaking of ships, there's a brand new one too: a Constitution-class Mirror Warship is now available, so now you too can bring glory to Empress Philippa Georgiou Augustus Iaponius Centarius of the Terrans. Unfortunately, you'll have to open up loot boxes to get your hands on it. Finally, to round things off, a few new weapons from Star Trek: Enterprise are being added to the Lobi store.

In short, there's a lot to get stuck into, and with this many branches of the franchise being represented in the new update, there's sure to be something of interest to just about everyone. Star Trek Online is free to play, and you can download via both Steam and the Epic Games Store