Star Citizen tops $40 million in funding, opens up two new star systems

Star Citizen —the in-progress space sim and dream generator—has surpassed $40 million in funding, according to the latest update from game lead Chris Roberts. While the new monies are set to boost the scale of its universe with the addition of two new star systems, the new update also reveals the level of fresh support Star Citizen has achieved in terms of its community population. Roberts writes that more than 10,000 people have joined its community since the end of February.

It's important to point out that Roberts doesn't specify if all of those 10,000 supporters have pledged money or if they have simply joined the community to reserve a player handle for when the game eventually releases. But it does point to the astonishing level of interest out there for what Star Citizen is promising. It's something Roberts hints at with a quip in his latest update: "some say that space sims are niche. I'm not so sure!"

At a time when even historic, acclaimed game studios are reevaluating their priorities, to see the level support for a starship-focused space sim makes me ask myself what other game genre is waiting for a new lease on life. And with Cloud Imperium Games now employing more than 200 developers, according to Roberts, his appearance at PC Gamer's PAX East panel next month on the future of PC gaming looks especially well-timed.