Star Citizen system requirements, modding and potential microstransactions detailed

Star Citizen, the new space game from Wing Commander-creator Chris Roberts, has released a new FAQ which reveals the estimated system specs for the game, clarifies how modding will work - it is, in fact, highly encouraged - and what sort of things may be purchasable via microtransaction. Many of the other questions within the FAQ have already been covered in our substantial Star Citizen preview of the game, but it's good to hear Chris Roberts clarify the fine print on a few points.

The game is two years away, and is underpinned by CryEngine 3, so needless to say the minimum system requirements are far from puny, with only cutting edge tech being able to make the game soar:


Dual core CPU

GTX 460

4GB of system memory


i7 2500, 2600, 2700

GTX 670 or better

When it comes to mods, the FAQ stresses how open to modding the game will be:

"Players will be given full control of their game! When operating private servers, players will be able and encouraged to mod the game. It doesn't stop there, though: we hope to institute a 'mod approval' process that will allow the best of the best player created ships and other additions to be integrated into the central persistent world as well."

The FAQ also clarifies payment: a single, one-off purchase of the initial game will suffice. There will be no monthly fee. "Some in-game items may be available as microtransactions," the FAQ goes on to say, "but we will NEVER sell anything that can't be acquired through honest (and fun!) gameplay."

Reassuring. So reassuring in fact, that players are throwing money at the project in huge numbers. In the last five days Star Citizen has scooped up an additional $500,000 in funding, taking it half way to its target of $2,000,000 with 23 days left to go. 9,961 prospective pilots have pledged at the time of writing.

Head over to the Roberts Space Industries website for more details, or take a look at our Star Citizen screenshot gallery to examine the imagination fuelling the project.