Star Citizen announces new stretch goals, could be the largest crowd-funded game ever

Star Citizen

With one week still remaining to gather funding, Chris Roberts' ambitious space sim Star Citizen has raised an astonishing $3,385,532, nudging it just ahead of Double Fine Adventure ($3,336,371) and putting it in sight of Project Eternity ($3,986,929). Roberts, best known for creating Wing Commander, has released a video exhorting his pilots to back him for the final push by defeating stretch goals in the quest to break the $4 million mark, all while awkwardly trying to avoid breaking the fourth wall. Bless him.

Hitting that $4 million target will unlock free mod tools, as well as expanding the Squadron 42 single player campaign to 45 missions and the Star Citizen free roaming universe to 50 systems. Roberts is also hoping to hit two separate goals solely for Kickstarter funding, which currently stands at $1,165,621. Bringing that total up to $1.25 million will add asteroid bases manned by smugglers, while reaching all the way up to $1.5 million will unlock two more ships, for a total of twelve.

Crowd-funded games generally receive a surge in payments at the last second, as those who've been sitting on the fence are finally forced to make a decision, so there's a good chance Roberts will hit that $4 million barrier. Sadly the final stretch goal of $5 million, which promised voice acting by a former Wing Commander star, is probably out of reach. Which can only be a bad thing, because there's no game on earth that can't be improved by the addition of Malcom McDowell.

There's also a new video showing dogfighting and pilot AI in action, embedded below: