Double Fine kickstarter project passes $3 million in donations, seven hours to go

Double Fine

The final call for donations to fund Double Fine's new adventure game has spurred another 5,000 or so backers to jump in and contribute, pushing the funding total up to a very, very respectable $3,069,647. There's still seven hours to go. The latest update on the Kickstarter page invites us to join Double Fine as they broadcast the final two hours of the campaign live from their offices.

We don't know how they're planning to fill those two hours yet. Will Tim Schafer dance? Will the team sit down and start designing the game right there in front of us? Will Ron Gilbert dance? We can only hope. Tune in to the live stream window embedded below in five hours time to see Double Fine's celebrations. Three million dollars in 30 days. A very impressive achievement. let's hope the game's good.

Tom Senior

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