Star Citizen has raised over $300 million now

(Image credit: Cloud Imperium Games)

Almost seven years after its original Kickstarter, Star Citizen has now raised over $300 million in funding from its players. As I write this, 2,711,428 people have pledged a total of $300,145,173, mostly through buying expensive digital spaceships for amounts that might make an ordinary person question their life choices.

Back in December, Cloud Imperium Games crossed the $250 million mark with a particularly good month netting them roughly $11 million, but player investment dropped to a "mere" five or six million each month following that. Until May, when their monthly total suddenly soared to over $15 million. As points out, this might be due to the release of the Drake Complete Pack 2950, a bundle of 14 ships which sold for $4,600.

Right now it's Alien Week in Star Citizen, with a focus on the extraterrestrials of its setting, and their ships, which are on sale.

Jody Macgregor
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