Star Citizen developer update shows off huge new capital ship

The latest Star Citizen dev journal covers a lot of ground, from updates to fatigue animations to spacesuit punctures and new audio and lighting systems. The star of the show appears at 12:20 as the episode spotlights the Javelin, a huge three-deck UEE Destroyer.

Star Citizen is a lot of different games at once, and that really comes across in these videos. The ship interior has to feel authentic according to the Star Citizen universe, but must also serve as an interesting shooter level, and a set for the Squadron 42 singleplayer campaign.

Star Citizen is working towards a landmark 3.0 update, which was demoed in spectacular fashion at Gamescom last year. The update doesn't have a release date yet, but it promises to start to marry many of Star Citizen's elements into a unified online sim that lets you travel seamlessly from trading posts on procedurally generated planets, into gun battles on shattered space hulks.

The game isn't there yet, but it is playable. We sent Chris Livingston to investigate. He came back with three reports of buggy but fun adventures. Here's part one, part two and part three.

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