Square Enix throws massive weekend Steam sale

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Think of the above image as a metaphor. Lara is Square Enix's back catalogue. The man is your Steam library. The assault rifle is one firing directly into the other. That's one potential outcome of this, the Square Enix weekend Steam sale.

It's a broad collection of variable quality, all with a pretty hefty discount. You can get all of the Tomb Raiders for £12/$16. You can get all of the Hitmen for £6/$8. You can get Daikatana for £1.24/$1.74. I'm not saying you should, but you can.

Elsewhere, all Final Fantasies are 50% off, all Deus Exes are 80% off and all Thieves are 75% off. No, I'm not sure that's how game pluralisation works either. Just go with it.

The Square Enix sale runs until Monday, 9th February.

Phil Savage

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