Square Enix teasing an interactive game reveal via Twitch

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Square Enix will begin the first of three days of an interactive reveal event over on its Twitch channel later today.

Known only as 'Project CKP', the game is from one of Square Enix's western development studios and will be teased through the multi-day event. Early bets are on it being the next Hitman or Deus Ex title, though naturally there's no confirmation on that at the time of writing.

Join us on Twitch on Monday for a unique 3-day interactive experience from one of our Western studios. Don't miss it! pic.twitter.com/tRqEBxSkS4

It's been over a year since we last heard something about IO's next take on the Hitman series, while we went into detail much more recently on what we want from Eidos Montreal's second 'proper' Deus Ex game.