Square Enix promises it'll learn to suplex a train properly for Final Fantasy 6's upcoming remaster

Sabin ready to suplex the phantom train
(Image credit: Square Enix)

If there was any one move that feels appropriate to Final Fantasy, it's probably suplexing a train. I'm not sure that any other game series would think to allow a character to wreck a locomotive like that, which is why it's a highlight of Final Fantasy 6. But when updating fans on how the game's pixel remaster is coming along, Square Enix made a fatal mistake. The train wasn't being flipped upside. 

Square Enix posted a tweet showing the infamous suplex move in action and fans very quickly pointed out that by definition a suplex needs to flip the victim upside down. In the clip, the train simply hopped up and down instead. 

Almost a week after its original blunder, Square Enix has come forward with an update on the suplex, clarifying that it was a work in progress and will be correct for the release of the game.

Thank goodness for that, eh? It does seem like a pretty funny complaint on the surface, but I reckon it's just fans expressing their love of the original more than anything else. As I said, there aren't many games that would allow you to suplex a train, so fans want to see the remaster hit the mark of excellence the original achieved. 

The Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster is set to release on February 23rd on Steam and mobile. So make sure you're practising your wrestling moves in time for then, because you'll need them. 

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