Vimeo PRO offers robust streaming video platform for pros

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When it comes to uploading video to the web, Vimeo has long been regarded as a more reliable, high-quality platform than competitors like YouTube. With more than 30 members, Vimeo provides a simple, powerful and affordable way to serve video content online.

Unlike rival websites that feature a disorienting, “anything goes” user interface which splatters an overwhelming number of videos onto each page, Vimeo places value on high quality content, fostering a vibrant community of viewers and video enthusiasts who appreciate a more intimate setting.

That’s especially true of the company’s $199 per year Vimeo PRO subscription, which offers the kind of customization and control over hosted videos that YouTube users can only dream of.

Geared toward businesses and professional video creators from a wide range of fields including sports, travel, wedding, music and photography, Vimeo PRO offers a clutter-free environment for subscribers and viewers alike. Video pages keep the focus squarely on the content, without all of the noisy banners and pre-roll advertising found on free alternatives.

Priced at only $17 per month (when billed annually), an upgrade to a PRO subscription is an affordable way for businesses to get the message across more effectively with a set of perks unmatched by competitors.

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For starters, subscribers can post 20GB of content each and every week, with a generous annual upload cap of 1TB. Plus and PRO members also receive priority conversion for videos, making them available for viewing faster than files uploaded from the free Basic tier. (Limits apply only to uploaded files — automatically generated conversions created from those originals are considered a bonus.)

All Vimeo-hosted streams are mobile-ready, offering full playback compatibility with smartphones, tablets, media streaming boxes and connected televisions. Beyond a handful of video and commercial content guidelines which apply to all Vimeo users (in place to prevent copyright abuse), PRO subscribers otherwise have zero limits imposed on the content they upload.

For example, videos can be played an unlimited number of times from any device, even in full-quality HD. Likewise, Plus and PRO accounts can manage such content in a variety of different ways, with an unlimited number of Groups, Channels, Albums or customizable Portfolio sites as needed. By comparison, Basic members are limited to a single Channel and Group, with a maximum of three Albums.

While all Vimeo users have the ability to password protect uploaded videos, PRO subscribers exclusively have the option to create a truly private profile with unlisted review pages that won’t appear in search engines or on PRO members also enjoy the same domain-level privacy offered by Vimeo Plus subscribers, which restricts embedded playback to authorized websites.

Going PRO also enables Vimeo-hosted content to achieve a greater degree of customization. Company logos and other branding can be added to video players, which can also serve up a custom outro following playback. PRO accounts also support third-party players, and can be embedded into existing websites or social networks when necessary.

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Vimeo PRO is also a great choice for professionals looking to monetize videos. Content providers can set up a virtual Tip Jar for accepting cash payments from appreciative fans, or build an entire catalog with full control over pricing and make it available for rental or purchase worldwide through Vimeo On Demand.

It’s also easy to keep tabs on your viewing audience, thanks to a dashboard offering advanced statistics for all Vimeo Plus and PRO subscribers. From a single screen, members can see how videos are performing and where in the world those viewers are located.

Should problems ever arise, Vimeo PRO includes VIP support, coming to the rescue around the clock with email responses within one hour during regular business days. Support is also available 24 hours a day on weekends (Eastern time), perfect for last-minute, high-pressure deadlines.

If all of these reasons aren’t compelling enough to make the switch, here’s one final reason why Vimeo PRO should become the preferred video hosting provider for your company: For-profit businesses, advertising, product demos or tutorials are not allowed on Basic or Plus accounts, making a PRO subscription a must-have upgrade for professional users.

More room, more speed and more support — that’s what Vimeo PRO has to offer, and it’s the reasons why an annual subscription is good for business. And with more features than Vimeo Basic, Plus or rival services, there’s never been a better time to sign up.

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