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Spintires puts you in the driver's seat of a massive truck in the Russian wilderness

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One of the great things about indie gaming is just how enormous the industry is, covering every possible interest and niche. Dinosaur hunting? There's a game for that. A secret octopus for a dad? There's a game for that, too.

Have you ever wanted to drive a monstrous work truck loaded with lumber across the frozen forests of Soviet Union-era Russia? I had honestly never considered it, but the new trailer for off-road truck simulator Spintires has me pondering it. Though the game is really more of a tech demo at the moment, what's already there shows a lot of promise.

The award-winning tech on display for Spintires is quite remarkable, and even with in-development art on display it looks great. Muddy tracks open up behind grinding tires, and axles and wheels bend and twist as they climb over a rocky outcrop.

Developer Oovee claims that the game will be infinitely replayable due to deformable terrain and huge, open-world maps. You'll have to navigate to objectives with only a compass and a map. And if you get stuck? It's game over, comrade.

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A free demo is already available on Oovee's website , so you can waste no time in growing a beard, putting on a hat with ear flaps and hitting the lonely road. Follow the game's progress on its Kickstarter page .