Spider-Man mods are here, you can already play as Black Cat or Stan Lee and wear the symbiote suit

Black Symbiote Suit mod
(Image credit: jedijosh920)

We've waited long enough. After all that time impatiently modding Spider-Man into other games like GTA San Andreas, GTA 4, and of course, Skyrim, now we can finally mod Spider-Man Remastered. Which means we'll reskin him as someone else.

Among the first batch are mods to turn Spider-Man into Black Cat and Stan Lee, though neither has any animations yet. You'll be stuck in an A-pose, which is probably fine for the screenshot memes these are made for. Spider-modding on PC is in its infancy, with a lot of the usual tedious reshades filling NexusMods, though I do like the look of Noir New York. It doesn't just turn everything black and white, but promises "Increased contrast, blacks are darker, whites a little more tame, and some bloom and film grain for the old movie feel."

Less memetically, there's a No HUD mod, which drops the UI at the press of the caps-lock key, and some costume replacers. The Symbiote Black Suit mod swaps the Advanced Suit for an outfit we might see an official version of in Insomniac's Spider-Man 2, while the Miles Morales Suit replaces it with what is apparently "a leftover model from when they were developing a multiplayer game mode."

Most promising of all is the Modding Tool uploaded by prolific Rockstar modder jedijosh920, who says, "It's the foundation of creating and installing mods, having an easy to use mod file system where users can create and share their mods, and also install them." If you're interested in taking that for a spin, there's a Discord server dedicated to Spider-Man modding you can join. Who knows, maybe you'll make something as masterful as Flying Rats, a mod that turns all of New York's pigeons into, yes, flying rats.

What's next? It's a sure bet someone will find a way to restore Peter Parker's original face from the PlayStation 4 version, add some kind of vertigo-inducing first-person camera, maybe a co-op mode, the inevitable nudity and then, I dunno, return the favor and turn Spider-Man into CJ from San Andreas? A look at some of the PlayStation version's mods suggests some possibilities, including playable villains, multiple Spider-Men, and pizza textures. So that's something to look forward to.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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