Spicy Horse's Next Game is Hell Invaders

Banishment to Hell's deepest, fieriest pits? We wouldn't have expected any less of gaming's own Master of the Dark Arts, American McGee. But as a collectible card game/RTS hybrid? Okay, that's a little different. McGee's studio Spicy Horse announced its new game today, the tentatively and unsubtly titled Hell Invaders. If the first screenshots are anything to go by, there's enough fire and brimstone here to last a lifetime of damnation—and all contained conveniently in card form, too!

The developer behind Alice: Madness Returns and Akaneiro: Demon Hunters assures us that there'll be more to fear in the card battles than mere papercuts, as demons will actually rise from the cards to battle in their 3D forms. Nuts. Cards, of course, are upgradeable, with skills that can be swapped in and out according to your liking.

We'll be able to dabble in a single-player campaign, or send demons to deal with our foes in PVP arenas. Wait, what's that? You're the peaceful type? Trading, card management, and unspecified "other social features" provide a more pleasant way of engaging in eternal damnation.

Hell Invaders is scheduled for release on PC sometime this fall, and closer to the date, we'll hear more details—including, hopefully, a name change to something a little more elegant.