Spelunky update brings level timers, new HUD to the deadly caverns

Image via YouTube user BaerTaffy .

Spelunky , that addictive roguelike that stole our hearts to win our Game of the Year last year, is getting a bit of a facelift. A new update will include an option to enable a smaller, more streamlined user interface, as well as various tweaks and bug fixes. The update is available as of today for download on Steam.

The biggest change in update 1.4 is the optional Pro HUD, which streamlines the heads-up-display by making most information smaller and less obtrusive. The Pro HUD also includes a timer and a current level indicator, which is great news for speedrunners. It's also useful for the rest of us, should we choose to mesure our exact terribleness down to the tenth of a second.

In addition to a ton of bug fixes, the update also includes an “invert run” option, which sets running as the default option. This is, again, perfect for mad speedrunning fools who sprint around levels without regard to safety.

If you've been away from Spelunky for a while, this is a great excuse to come back. You can read the full patch notes here .