Spelunky speedrun flies through Hell on a jetpack in less than seven minutes

Straight out of the “designed to make PCG writers feel ashamed of themselves” file, a new Spelunky speedrun was recorded last weekend in which the player rocketed through the game's many levels, beat final boss Olmec and then dove through the Hell dimension and survived—all in less than seven minutes.

Speedrunner bananasaurus_rex streamed the complete run in 6:52:162, which is the current world record as far as anyone can tell.

Indie Indiana Jones-alike Spelunky has been around for a few years, but the new HD revamp for PC has captured the hearts of the office. Graham gave it a roaring 96% review and a few of us join in on PCG UK alumnus Tom Francis's Spelunky Explorers Club and post videos of the Spelunky Daily Challenge. Well, I say “us,” but I'm too cowardly to post my pathetic attempts. Compared to the Explorers Club's cautious, collect-everything approach to the game, the speedrun's shotgun-toting, jetpack-flying chicanery is an altogether different species.

If you're new to the booby-trapped world of Spelunky, check out our review and Spelunky's website . The original version of Spelunky is actually available online for free , so there's really no excuse.