Spelunky on XBLA features multiplayer; we want it on PC

Spelunky. That's an indie game.

Indie hit Spelunky is heading to console land in the form of an Xbox Live Arcade port. However, the port is being HD remastered and comes with a few extra additions, including multiplayer. Read on for the slightly upsetting details unveiled today at GDC.

Along with an interface streamlined for console use, developer Derek Yu has announced that the XBLA port will feature more enemies and some added variety to the game in order to surprise existing players and make it more fun for newcomers. The most notable addition is that of 4-player local multiplayer, which Yu believes fits in with the chaotic nature of the game, with players being able to throw each other around the levels.

This makes us feel sad. It's the right of the PC - Spelunky's birthplace - to receive these shiny updates so we too can enjoy 4-player insanity like our Xbox brethren. Who's with us?