Spec Ops: The Line multiplayer trailer reveals zip-lines, head stomping, and lots of sand

Remember the sandstorm chase scene in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol? Well, this isn't really like that, but Spec Ops: The Line's multiplayer does feature sandstorms in Dubai. Instead of Tom Cruise, however, you'll be joining up with "The Exiles" or "The Damned" to stomp on each other's faces.

Modern Warfare 3 and Ghost Recon comparisons will be made, but bits of the trailer, such as zip-line kicks, collapsing buildings, and sand traps, stand out. We're curious to see if they'll actually be tactically important, or just neat-looking set pieces. Check out the last Spec Ops trailer for a look at the equally-brutal singleplayer, as well as our recent preview .

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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