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Sony Online Entertainment announces EverQuest II: Chains of Eternity expansion

Everquest II: Chains of Eternity

In a letter posted by Producer Holly Longdale, Sony Online Entertainment revealed the ninth (!) expansion for its MMO workhorse EverQuest II entitled Chains of Eternity. No, the title's aptness didn't get past us - the announcement serves as a testament to the MMO's long-lasting existence.

In addition to standard perks such as an increased adventuring and tradeskill level caps, Eternity bestows a bountiful bevy of new items, quests, and prestige abilities set within Ethernere, the EverQuest II equivalent of the world beyond the mortal plane. Seems like a prime opportunity to submit my "Egon's Epee" sword with SOE's new Player Studio .

Chains of Eternity will be releasing this November.