Sony finally allows Fortnite cross-play between PS4, PC, Xbox, and Switch

Earlier this summer, Fortnite players discovered that if they played the game on a PS4, they couldn't use the same Epic account on a Switch. And then they got very mad, and we learned that once again Sony was blocking cross-play with its console competitors, which as Steven said a couple weeks ago, hurts PC players, too. All the peer pressure seems to have worked, though, as Sony has finally changed its mind.

An open beta starting today will allow PS4 players to play with users on Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, and Mac, as well as enable cross-platform progression, so they can take their account between PC, Switch, and PS4 if they want.

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"This represents a major policy change for SIE, and we are now in the planning process across the organization to support this change," wrote Sony Interactive Entertainment president and global CEO, John Kodera. "We will update the community once we have more details to share, including more specifics regarding the beta timeframe, and what this means for other titles going forward."

There's no specific word yet on whether other games, such as Rocket League, will be getting the same treatment, but the mention of "what this means for other titles" suggests that Sony may be loosening its cross-play rules across the board. We'll let you know when we hear more.

Tyler Wilde
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