Someone built Hollow Knight's Forgotten Crossroads hot spring in Minecraft

Hollow Knight's soul pool recreated in Minecraft
(Image credit: Mojang Studios)

I can't get enough of Minecraft players recreating videogame landscapes and the latest to boggle my mind is one of Hollow Knight's hot springs, created by Reddit user Skeeterjalt. In Hollow Knight, these hot springs are located throughout the map but this one, in particular, is The Forgotten Crossroads hot spring, and taking a dip in its water rejuvenates the knight's health. 

It's a great build, but the feature that impresses me the most are the blocks that Skeeterjalt used to create the water's glow. There aren't any blocks in Minecraft that allow you to get that particular effect, so Skeeterjalt had to improvise by using white glass blocks and a Minecraft texture pack to make the lava white. Chuck a couple of dazzling Minecraft shaders on top and you have a glowing soul pool.

Here's what the hot spring looks like In Hollow Knight for comparison:

(Image credit: Team Cherry)

Skeeterjalt says that they are working on recreating the entire Hollow Knight map and are currently two months into the project. I'm surprised that parts of Hollownest haven't been done before, considering Minecraft players have already built Doom, The Witcher 3, Stardew Valley, Breath of the Wild, and so many more inside the sandbox.


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