Soma has a live-action mini-series, first episode out now

Soma live-action

I liked Frictional Games' SOMA a fair amount, but it didn't live up to those early live-action teasers, which set my imagination racing a couple of years ago. (Also, hey, I was pretty off with my 'wild prediction', wasn't I?) Now, Frictional has returned to the realm of live-action with a new prequel miniseries, fleshing out the plot of their soggy, philosophical horror adventure.

The first is below, and contains "very minor spoilers", according to Frictional. And yep, they are pretty minor. But I'd still recommend playing, and finishing, SOMA first, as the following video will rob the game of some of its surprise.

It's about Sci-Fi—sorry, *shudder*, 'Syfy'—TV movie quality, I reckon, although that robot is pretty convincing. Frictional is going to be releasing an episode a day between now and October 5, and as this one came out yesterday, we should expect another later today.

Andy called SOMA a "masterpiece of audio and visual design", "atmospheric, cerebral, and occasionally frustrating".

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