Solve a robotic murder mystery in free detective game Lockheart Indigo

(Image credit: Harmless Games)

There's been a murder in a grand old mansion. You, a private detective named Beatris, have arrived to investigate, and the process of doing that is more involved than you might expect.

Lockheart Indigo feels like a combat-less JRPG. In place of turn-based battles, you encounter combat-like interrogations, where you throw facts at, and use special abilities on, potential suspects. The character art of these suspects is expressive, full of character, although it's a bit of a shame that so much of the environmental art is monochrome.

That issue aside, I do like the way this looks. It's got a strong pixel art aesthetic—somewhere between the GameBoy Color and the GameBoy Advance—and it's set an intriguing sci-fi world where humanoid robots are very much a thing. While the writing could do with another pass (and there's still time, as the game is currently a free alpha version), the innovative blend of detective adventure and JRPG should be enough to keep you invested in this sci-fi mystery.

Tom Sykes

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