Solve a ghostly mystery in free detective game Spooktective

The magnifying glass has, sadly, gone out of fashion in the realm of mystery solving. You never see sleuths peering at clues through the giant lenses anymore, but they're making a grand return with free detective game Spooktective, which has you squinting at ghosts, and other things, through a magical, and pretty massive magnifying glass.

A murder has been committed in a haunted mansion, and the only witnesses are the corporeally challenged ghosts of its former inhabitants. However, they can only be seen, and chatted to, when you hold the magnifying glass right up to your face. In this first-person adventure game, you'll solve the mystery by wandering around the mansion and gathering clues from the assembled spooks, before finally tracking the killer down to their lair.

Spooktective is a lighthearted, comedic mystery in a quaintly spooky setting, that won't take terribly long to play through, and that shouldn't trouble your detective skills overly much. You can grab it from

Thanks, Alpha Beta Gamer.

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Tom Sykes

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