Sneezing stealth sim Skin Deep returns with a new publisher

Skin Deep, the next game from Quadrilateral Cowboy and Thirty Flights Of Loving developer Blendo Games, has been picked up by publisher Annapurna Interactive, the publisher announced today.

Announced back in 2018, Skin Deep is an interstellar immersive sim that pits you as a living insurance policy—frozen inside various spaceships when corporations want to secure their deliveries. When pirates come knocking, the silent alarm rings, and you get to work.

There's a lot of Die Hard under Skin Deep's, err, skin. Broken glass can get lodged in your (upsettingly shoeless) feet, and a sudden sneeze might alert pirates to your presence. But you've also got plenty of tools at your disposal—pistols, rifles, wire-bombs, pepper grinders, a teapot, and a stomping great battlemech for when any chance of a silent approach goes out the airlock.

You'll be using these to skulk your way around non-linear spaceships, messing with systems to cause distractions and rescue the crew of kittens in command of the ship. I've always adored Blendo's particular flavour of pulp spy-fi, and I'm keen to see that filtered through the lens of an immersive sim. 

Blendo's Brendon Chung regularly streams development on Twitch most weekdays at 10am PT, and often shows new features and location on his Twitter feed. Skin Deep doesn't currently have a release date, but expect to find it on Steam sometime in "the future".

Disclosure: Skin Deep's soundtrack is being scored by Priscilla Snow, who previously produced the music for my own game Can Androids Pray. 

Natalie Clayton
Features Producer

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