Sneak peek of three unreleased League of Legends skins


Psssst. Hey! You, at the keyboard. You like League of Legends skins, don'tcha? Yeah you do. What, this patch didn't have enough? No worries, friend: I've got some secret skins right here. Take a peek at what lies in your future. I know what lies in mine: Easter Bunny Teemo. Whaddya say? Interested? [/end creepy alleyway salesman dialogue]

Whilst impatiently waiting for my LoL login queue to cease being over 9000, I did a little poking around inside the files for today's patch. What I found was a treasure-trove of delicious brand-new artwork intended to accompany future, Easter-themed skins. What we've got for you today is the updated Sivir splash image (a massive improvement if you ask me), a savanna Sivir, and two totally rad skins for Teemo and Kayle.

Seriously, whenever you're feeling depressed or raging from a lost match, just look at that cute li'l Teemo. Your mood will instantaneously improve tenfold. Enjoy!