Smite's next god is ol' squidface himself, Cthulhu

Smite has been steadily adding to its pantheon of battling MOBA gods, from a really big snake to the non-John-Wick version of Baba Yoga. But its latest addition is liable to muck about with your mental health, to make Euclid livid, and make Lovecraft nerds spray spit all over their keyboards as they try to pronounce passages from The Call of Cthulhu. That's right, the tentacley eldritch god Cthulhu is coming to Smite.

Hi-Rez sez that Cthulhu will be with us in mid-June, which sounds about right given the state of 2020 already, though details of his in-game appearance will be with us a little earlier than that. You can read all about it on the Smite site this Wednesday, May 27th, or watch Smite's Update Show before that, at 3pm (ET) over on Twitch.

Cthulhu will join Smite's new 'Great Old Ones' pantheon, its title suggesting that we can expect more Lovecraft Mythos gods to follow in his wake.

Tom Sykes

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