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Smite Oceania Pro League has a $100,000 prize pool in 2016


The Oceania region is back for season three of the Smite Pro League, and this time there's a $100,000 prize pool for contestants. Teams in Australia and New Zealand will compete across three major splits, with the first of two qualifiers kicking off on February 27.

The first prize pool in split one is $10 grand, which is split between the six competing Pro League teams. The best of those two will be flown to the CGPL Autumn LAN in April, which takes place in Sydney.

Smite's Pro League debuted in the Oceania region last year, with team Avant Garde taking the crown and competing at the Smite World Championships. Full details on the first split can be read over here.

Chris Thursten was at the 2016 Smite World Championships, where European team Epsilon emerged as winner.

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