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Smite Battle Frost patch ushers in new god Bellona

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 10.58.32 am

Smite's new Battle Frost patch has introduced the first new God of the season in the form of Bellona. The Warrior class goddess will specialise in physical and melee combat, and is the first God capable of disarming basic enemy attacks via her Scourge ability, so good luck if you're facing her. According to a short dev Q&A on Bellona's profile page, she'll "shine the most [when] picked against basic attack dependent teams".

In addition to Bellona, the Battle Frost patch ushers in a variety of other changes. There are new skins for Hercules, Scylla and Awilix, as well as an update to Ymir's model. Meanwhile, some changes in the God Roster rotation means Isis, Sin Wukong, Sobek, Anhur and Fenrir are now added to the pool.

The full patch notes, including a long list of tweaks, balance notes and bug fixes, can be perused over here. Check out Bellona in action in the video below:

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