Sleeping Dogs release date announced


Square Enix has announced that its upcoming open world cop drama, Sleeping Dogs, will be released August 17, 2012 in the UK and August 14, 2012 in North America. Pre-ordered special edition retail versions will include extra content, and exclusive content for the downloadable PC version will be announced at a later date.

Wait, what is Sleeping Dogs? I thought I'd never ask that for you! Sleeping Dogs is a recently-announced game in development by United Front Games and Square Enix London Studios. It's actually been around for a while—it's a True Crime reboot (remember True Crime: Hong Kong ?) which Square Enix describes as "a gritty open world cop drama set in the vibrant city of Hong Kong." So, GTA in Hong Kong?

"Featuring an intuitive and imaginative combat system, Sleeping Dogs empowers players to perform an extensive set of martial arts moves, single-handedly taking on numerous opponents," reads the press release. "Players perform bone-crushing kicks and combos, vicious counters, and a cinematic set of environmental takedowns making use of countless real-world items from circular saws to phone booths, incinerators to refrigerator doors."

So, GTA in Hong Kong with martial arts? Woo! OK, so that's probably an unfair oversimplification, but my "woo" stands.

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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