Sleeping Dogs: True Crime reboot set in Hong Kong, out this year

[VAMS id="9kXMC0G46RX2C"]

Square have announced John Woo film: The Game, officially titled "Sleeping Dogs." It's a reboot of the True Crime series, which Square Enix picked up from Activision back in 2010. It'll be "a gritty and visceral openworld cop drama set in the vibrant city of Hong Kong." It looks a bit like GTA, except with more meat cleavers. It's out "in the second half" of this year.

The debut trailer above features a tattooed chap doing terrible things to a small army of attacking goons. Really, REALLY terrible things, with meat hooks and cleavers and bullets. We hope he sees the full might of the criminal justice system.

Judging from the new screenshots below, we'll be playing as him. If Sleeping Dogs stays true to classic Hong Kong cop dramas, he's probably an undercover cop, and one of his best cop friends is probably a criminal mole, a disparity that can only be resolved by killing everyone on both sides and then having a car chase. See one of those car chases and a good deal of shooting in these first screenshots.

Tom Senior

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