Sleeping Dogs mod adds first-person perspective, TrackIR support

A memory edit for open world swordfish-'em-up Sleeping Dogs has freed up camera control, allowing you to roam the streets of Hong Kong in first person. Or second person, if you fancy shifting the camera over into the passenger seat. It also adds support for head tracking, something modder Racer_S has previously worked into Need For Speed: The Run.

It's still a little rough around the edges - turn the camera too quickly while driving in the first person and you'll be treated to a horrifying cross-section of Wei's face, like you're a ghost haunting the body of an undercover policeman. Or a camera clipped inside a video game character's face mesh. One or the other.

It's probably best treated for now as an immersive way of roaming the game's impressive rendition of Hong Kong - attempting to throw someone into a furnace or leap from a speeding bike onto a sportscar from this perspective seems like a recipe for disaster. Check out Tom's Sleeping Dogs review for more on the game, from the good (that city, those swordfish) to the bad (that story).

The mod is available from Racer_S's website , and there's also a thread on the official Sleeping Dogs forum. Hat-tip to DSOGaming for the heads up.

Chris Thursten

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