Skywind's The Road Most Traveled trailer shows off the most familiar path in Morrowind

Just in time for the weekend, we've got a lovely new Skywind trailer for you. “The Road Most Traveled” is the latest offering from the incredibly ambitious project attempting to recreate all of Morrowind inside the Skyrim engine. This preview features chunks of the road from Seyda Neen, where new characters enter Morrowind, to nearby Balmora, where the first quest is fulfilled.

You should instantly recognize familiar creatures and places, and—oh hey! It's the river running through Balmora, where I dropped the important, main-quest related documents in the drink at the beginning of each playthrough. Good times. The funny thing about these trailers is that, to me, Morrowind has always looked this good. My mind has glossed over and improved the graphics in the decade since I last explored that world. It's only by comparing screenshots that the blocky polygons of reality come breaking back through:

Image via The Elder Scrolls wiki .

Skywind is being built by 70 or so volunteers , and is making rapid progress. There's no official release date yet, but you can already download the mod and play it if you own both Morrowind and Skyrim. Head over to the official dev forum to lend a hand or get the latest download.