Skywind has over 100 voice actors re-record Morrowind lines

Skywind Dunmer

About a year ago the team working to recreate Morrowind in the Skyrim engine asked for voice actors and sound quality assistants to help them make Skywind sound as good as it looks. They've done well in that year, and, in a recent update, have shared videos of three of the completed recordings as they appear in game: an Argonian, a Dunmer, and an Altmer (which sounds like the beginning of a joke, I know). Here's the Argonian, which is just as growly as you'd expect:

Fun fact: with over 100 people providing dialogue, Skywind has more voice actors than Skyrim. It has a lot more than Oblivion.

Slightly less exciting are the examples of models that the team also shared in the blog post: barrels and fishing hooks and other things you might expect to see in towns like Seyda Neen. I do think the fish look pretty cool:

Skywind fish

We first heard about Skywind three years ago, and it's really come along since then. Check out the 'Rekindle' trailer for an up-to-date look at some of the locations and creatures you'll see when the mod is finally released.