Skyrim's Anniversary update brings fishy frolics for all Dragonborn

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Announced earlier this year, Skyrim Anniversary Edition is making the bold assertion that you're ready to buy the decade-old RPG for a third time. To help sweeten the deal, Bethesda this week revealed that you'll be able to add fishy friends to your Dragonborn's rustic winter lodge.

Anniversary Edition was revealed with news that you'll finally be able to go fishing across Skyrim. But in a tweet this week, Bethesda revealed that those fish aren't just for frying—in fact, if you've set up a Hearthfire home anywhere, you'll be able to store them in your very own aquarium.

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Ignoring the lack of modern filtration and feeding systems, adding tropical fish to your home does seem like a cosy way to bring in some company. Plus, virtual fish are about as exciting as real fish without having to deal with cleaning tanks or them mysteriously disappearing.

Besides aquariums, Anniversary Edition also comes complete with the entire Creator's Club collection of third-party mods. That said, if you decide against buying Skyrim yet again, Bethesda has noted that both fishing and fishtanks will be available as free updates for Skyrim: Special Edition. It's worth noting that both the Anniversary Edition itself and Special Edition's Anniversary update risk breaking a whole load of mods.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition fittingly arrives on the game's 10th anniversary, launching on November 11.

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