Skyrim in Real Life makes a mockery of the game's clumsy NPCs

Skyrim's NPCs have a funny way with words and inanimate objects. They're known for walking into walls, asking questions at the wrong time, and getting stuck behind chairs. This faulty behaviour is parodied in a series of skits by TikTok user JinnKid (via RPS), and they're worth watching if you need a laugh. 

In each of his "Skyrim in Real Life" videos, JinnKid acts as an NPC from Bethesda's RPG as they simply try to talk or move around. In one video, he's a courier who delivers a message before failing to leave without bumping into every wall. In another, he's a mercenary who struggles to get past a chair while trying to be aggressive.

JinnKid perfectly captures the off-kilter walk of Skyrim's NPCs by sliding across the laminated flooring of his house in socks. He also nails their deadpan expression, especially as he uses a filter to make his eyes completely black for that dead-inside look. His delivery of lines like "Need something?" finish it all off, his head locked to the camera while his body seems to move independently in other directions. 

In his latest video, JinnKid plays the role of a Skyrim blacksmith who is thwarted in his attempts to catch a thief by having a bucket placed on his head, just like in the game.

He started making these "Skyrim in Real Life" videos a couple of months ago and they've picked up quite a bit of attention around the internet. And for good reason. Hopefully they'll continue for a while longer. If they don't you could always head back into the game itself for a comedy hit.


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