Skyrim Creation Kit to be released tomorrow with "special surprise"


A tweet from Bethesda's VP of PR, Pete Hines, on Friday announced that the long-awaited Skyrim Creation Kit will be out tomorrow. TOMORROW. The tools will let modders create their own campaigns using the same tools that Bethesda use to create their environments. Take a look at last week's Creation Kit trailer for an idea of what's included.

The tools will tie use the Steam workshop , which means the huge Skyrim community will be able to vote for their favourite mod creations, making it easier to sort through the many, many mods that are sure to be uploaded. The Steam Workshop will also make it easier to download and install mods directly through Steam without any need for .ini tweaks or a separate mod manager.

If you're new to modding and fancy a meddle, Bethesda are releasing a wiki alongside the tools, written by developers. To top it all, Hines teased a "special surprise" to be released with the Creation Kit. In search of an answer, I headed over to Random Word Generator (PLUS!) which gave me these words: "turning Macintosh regret knife science." I think the message there is clear. What do you think?

Tom Senior

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