Skyrim Creation Kit trailer shows mod tools in action

[VAMS id="FqfMY50EOj1QH"]

Here's a video Bethesda just sent over showing off the Creation Kit for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The video mentions extensive wiki documentation written by Bethesda staff and shows how Skyrim mods will integrate with the Steam Workshop. It's exciting to contemplate the astonishing things that modders will make with the kit in the coming months. They've already been hard at work making massive changes to the game, as you can see in our round-up of the top 25 Skyrim mods .

But what's this at 1:12, on the left of the centre row? Mudcrab armour? A familiar sight for readers who reached the back page of PC Gamer UK issue 232, drawn by the lovely Marsh Davies . The mod tools are due to arrive soon, which isn't soon enough.

Tom Senior

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