Skateboard tricks are the most valuable currency in OlliOlli World

A new trailer for OlliOlli World is here, debuting during IGN's Summer of Gaming Expo. A frogman sells us on life in Radlandia, a veritable skating paradise of anthropomorphic ice cream people and elaborate, impossible skate courses. 

If you're unfamiliar with OlliOlli, it's part of the new wave of skateboarding games, and one of the first to make it feel great on a 2D plane. It's series game built on big combos, stringing tricks together with grinds and manuals across tricky terrain, spicing up your routes with as many variations in flips and grabs as possible. You can maintain a single combo across an entire level in the previous OlliOlli games, and it looks like you'll be able to do the same in OlliOlli World, with the addition of choosing your route from time to time. Sweet. 

I dig the new 3D look, especially after this trailer. You get a better sense for the intricacies in board-flips, and the opportunity for some indulgent dynamic camera angles. Leaning in close to savor some airtime, a long grind, or the smile on a bird man with huge muscles sounds good to me. 

OlliOlli World is due sometime this winter. 

James Davenport

James is stuck in an endless loop, playing the Dark Souls games on repeat until Elden Ring and Silksong set him free. He's a truffle pig for indie horror and weird FPS games too, seeking out games that actively hurt to play. Otherwise he's wandering Austin, identifying mushrooms and doodling grackles.