Sir Trevor McDonald will be the new GamesMaster

Sir Trevor McDonald at the British Academy Television Awards 2016
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Sir Trevor McDonald will play the role of GamesMaster (opens in new tab) in its upcoming revival.

The classic British TV show is returning after a 23-year absence. It'll pit celebrities, gaming figures and fans against each other in a series of challenges for a Golden Joystick Trophy. The games are presided over by the GamesMaster, who dishes out hints to the players. 

McDonald, a prominent journalist and newsreader in the UK, said he is "delighted to be taking on this iconic role for a new generation of viewers." He'll be joining hosts (opens in new tab) Frankie Ward, Rab Florence and Ty Logan for three 60-minute episodes later this year.

GamesMaster originally ran from 1992 to 1998, with astronomer Sir Patrick Moore playing the titular disembodied head. It was one of the first shows to bring videogames to mainstream television in a dedicated format, becoming a staple show for many at the time.

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